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The 5 Days program for IT professionals to upskill and grow in their careers as the most reputed role of an Enterprise Architect. 

About Enterprise Architect ClUb (EAC)

Enterprise Architect Club is on mission to empower a million IT professionals (irrespective of technology and experience) to achieve new horizons in their career by understanding the architecture in software development. We want to fast track process of understanding the architecture by overcoming the experience gaps, exposure gaps and hands-on gaps. 

Vishal Rajoria

Your Mentor In this awesome journey

Welcome to the digital domain of Vishal Rajoria, an experienced professional in the ever-evolving realm of Information Technology.

With a degree in Computer Science Engineering, I bring a solid educational foundation to complement my extensive practical experience.

Boasting a rich history spanning over 12 years in the IT industry, my journey has been marked by collaborations with renowned brands such as TCS, Coforge (Incessant Technologies), Lloyds Banking Group, Nokia, CAG India, Volvo, UDP Trucks, Sunlife Financials, and more.

Currently serving as the Lead System Architect at Bluevoir Technologies, I thrive in Pega Technologies architecting solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.

 My belief in the power of continuous learning and personal growth has been the driving force behind my success. Beyond the daily priorities and severities of IT responsibilities, I am spearheading the Enterprise Architect Club, a community dedicated to like-minded individuals within the IT industry.

Together, we aim to delve into the intricate details of software development architecture, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and professional advancement.

Embark on this journey with me, where expertise meets enthusiasm. Let's shape the future of IT architecture together.